2024 Steering Committee Elections | Voting dates: April 22 to May 3, 2024

Dear Fellows,

As you all know, the nominations for the 2024 Steering Committee Election period ended a few days ago, and it is now time to prepare the voting process. We have received 11 nominations and all of them have been checked and considered eligible.

Here are the 2024-2028 Steering Committee Candidates:

As mentioned earlier, I will be a candidate for another term, so the election will be under the supervision of our Secretary Professor Elizabeth Tanner (k.e.tanner@qmul.ac.uk) that will not run for another term of office, and with the administrative support of Sónia Gonçalves (smargarida.goncalves@gmail.com).

Please be aware of the following aspects about the voting process:

  • Voting will automatically open on April 22 at 12:00 am and close on May 3, 2024 at 11:45pm (GMT+00:00 London);
  • Voting codes will be sent to you via email on April 22 at 12:00am (GMT+00:00 London) and can be used only one time. You can access directly through the available link;
  • Candidates will be generated in randomized order on each ballot;
  • Each active fellow is entitled to cast up to 8 votes;
  • All ballots are submitted anonymously through ElectionBuddy;
  • Results will be hidden from all eligible voters and the auditor until after the vote is closed;
  • Candidates will receive individual notification on May 6;
  • Results will be available to all Fellows on May 7;
  • The 8 candidates receiving the highest numbers of votes will become the new members of the Steering Committee;
  • The term of the Steering Committee will begin at the World Biomaterials Congress to be held in Daegu, Sou Korea, in May 2024 and end 4 years later at the next World Biomaterials Congress in 2028.

If you have any queries or troubles about the voting process, please address Elizabeth Tanner or SóniaGonçalves.


Rui L. Reis, PhD, FBSE

Chair, International College of Fellows BSE

(rgreis@i3bs.uminho.pt )