2024-2028 Steering Committee Candidate:

Antonietta Gatti



Dr. Gatti has an interdisciplinary background that ranges from physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, physiology and pathology. Dr. Antonietta Gatti has a 30-year experience in research in the field of biomaterials and biocompatibility at national and international level in various capacities. She is supportive, performance-driven, and passionate while focusing on continual learning and development.

Dr Gatti invented the word Nanopathology and developed a new diagnostic tool by means of a Scanning Electron Scanning Microscopy that allows to make clinical diagnosis of pathologies due to nanoparticles like leukaemia, cryoglobulinemia and cancer. The scientific activity was carried out at the University with national and international (EC, USA, Australia) grants from all the world. Within the Italian Governmental Commissions on the Depleted Uranium and related diseases she introduced the word ”War nanopollution”as new pathogen for soldiers. For that she was invited twice at the House of Lords (UK) for auditions. At present she is working at new syndromes like Aerotoxicity, SIDS (neurological disease) and rare diseases. The new investigations can identify if there is a correlation among an environmental accidental nanopollution, a possible person’s exposure and a following internal contamination. She collaborated with the State Department in Washington and co-organized military conferences in Faro (Portugal), Yerevan (Armenia),Chisinau (Moldavia).

At present Dr. Gatti is vicepresident of the Nanodiagnostics Foundation (Italy) and she is the coordinator of the Master in Nanobiodiagnostics in collaboration with the Quantic Academy in Rome. She organized 12 national and International Congresses and was member of the scientific team of World Conferences of Biomaterials (Montreal, Canada, and Glasgow UK). She wrote 300 articles in peer reviewed journals, 3 books and 7 chapters in books and she is reviewer for some international journals.

She is collaborating with some international groups for the health Defence of babies in particular she works with the Robert F. Kennedy Jr (Candidatwe to the next USA Presidential Elections)and his group.

Vision & Purpose:

As Fellow of the Society For Biomaterials I will continue to work to disseminate the concepts of biomaterials for the healthcare especially for the aspect of biocompatibility. This term is not fully understood and not completely tested in the nanotoxicology field.

The biocompatibility aspect at cell level for devices in Nanomedicine will be the new challenge. As member of the FSBE Committee I will continue to promote advancements and innovation in biomaterial science, especially for the education in the schools and Universities in order to improve human health and quality of life. The new Master in Nanobiodiagnostics, I am coordinating is an example.

It is my opinion that the Steering Committee must also promote direct interactions with policy makers in order to support them in their technical decisions for new laws in the field of biomaterial science for a real promotion of human health and well-being.

I agree to be nominated and I am willing to serve as a member of the Steering Committee 2024-2028.