2024-2028 Steering Committee Candidate:

Luigi Ambrosio


Affiliation: Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials – National Research Council – Naples, Italy

Luigi Ambrosio is Emeritus Research Director of the Institute of Polymer, Composites & Biomaterials, National Research Council, Naples, Italy. He received the doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering (1982) from University of Naples “Federico II’. Qualified Full Professor in Bioengineering and in Materials Science and Technology.

Director of Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials, National Research Council, Naples, Italy (Dec. 2018- Aug.2022). Director of Chemical Sciences & Materials Technology Department, National Research Council, Rome, Italy (2011-2017).

President of the European Society of Biomaterials (2007-2013), Past President (2013-2017), Honorary Member (since 2018).

Member of the High Level Group on Key Enabling Technologies, European Commission (2010-2015). Member of the International Advisor Board of Sichuan University and Co-Director of MPBRC, SCU-CNR Joint Research Centre. (2014-2020). Co-Chair of the Working group on “Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials and Biophysics”, Italy-USA Cooperation on Science and Technology. (Since 2014).

He is recipient of the “G. Winter Award”, European Society for Biomaterials (March 2015).

He has been nominated Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (2001), Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (2004) and Fellow of the European Alliance for Medical and Biomedical Engineering & Science (2018) and Member of the European Academy of Science (2019). Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (since 2017).

Research interests include design and characterization of polymers and composites for medical applications and tissue engineering, structural properties of natural tissue, properties and processing of polymers and composites and nanostructures, hydrogels and biodegradable polymers, additive technologies.

Publications include over 380 papers on international scientific journals and book (>24000 citations, h-index >87), 27 patents, over 190 invited lectures and over 500 presentations at international and national conferences.

Vision & Purpose:

I am pleased to make available my long experience in Biomaterial Science research, projects and funding agencies for supporting young scientist careers. In addition to the contribution to improve the internationalization of the college activities with regards to the less developed countries, the main reason is to share and discuss some policy aspects emerging with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and the ethical use of new systems such as GPT and others to define science diplomacy for research.

I agree to be nominated and I am willing to serve as a member of the Steering Committee 2024-2028.