ICF-BSE Fellows

First NameLast NameSocietyInduction Year
GustavoAbel AbrahamSLABO (Latin American Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs)2016
MauliAgrawalSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
Myun-WhanAhnKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
HuaAiChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
ToshihiroAkaikeJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
NoriyaAkamatsuJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
MitsuruAkashiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
LuisAlberto dos SantosSLABO (Latin American Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs)2016
HaroldAlexanderSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
LuigiAmbrosioEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
JoelleAmedeeEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
BrianAmsdenCanadian Biomaterials Society2016
JamesAndersonSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
JosephAndradeSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
KristiAnsethSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
KazuhikoAtsumiJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
JohnAutianSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
RobertBaierSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
CharlesBaqueyEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
MarioBarbosaEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
Marcos PinottiBarbosa*SLABO (Latin American Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs)2012
Hamed A.BenghuzziSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
SerenaBestEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
G. S.BhuvaneshwarSociety for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)2016
RenaBiziosSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
JonathanBlackSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
JackBokrosSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
WilliamBonfieldEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
LaurenceBordenaveEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
Barbara D.BoyanSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
LisaBrannon - PeppasSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
JohnBrashSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
HenryBremSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
Joel D.BumgardnerSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
Karen JLBurgSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
James WilliamBurnsSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
KarinCaldwellSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
AllanCallowSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
Yi LinCaoCanadian Biomaterials Society2004
DavidCastnerSociety For Biomaterials - USA2004
JiangChangChinese Society for Biomaterials2012
XuesiChenChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
San-YuanChenChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2016
Chun-Yiu (Jack)ChengChinese Society for Biomaterials2004
Hsin-ChengChiuChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2016
JanChlopekEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
Bum-KooChoKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
Chong-SuChoKorean Society for Biomaterials2004
Chong-SuChoKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
PascalChristelEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
I-MingChuChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2008
Tze-WenChungChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2016
Ung-ilChungJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
Chong PyoungChungKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
Dong JuneChungKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
LutzClaesEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
StuartCooperSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
ArthurCourySociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
RobertCraig*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
NormanCranin*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
FuzhaiCuiChinese Society for Biomaterials2008
AdamCurtisEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
GuyDaculsiEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
A.U. DanDanielsSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
JohnDaviesCanadian Biomaterials Society2000
Joostde BruijnEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
Klassde GrootEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
Marivaldade Magalhães PereiraSLABO (Latin American Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs)2016
MichaelDebakeySociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
WouterDhertEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
JiandongDingChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
AviDombSociety for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)2008
MichaelDoserEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
PaulDucheyneEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
PeterEdelmanSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
JanFeijenSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
Jorge O.GalanteSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
ChangyouGaoChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
Andres J.GarciaSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
AntoniettaGattiEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
Jeremy L.GilbertSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
EugeneGoldbergSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
StuartGoodmanSociety For Biomaterials - USA2004
DavidGraingerSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
HansGreisserAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2004
LindaGriffithSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
DirkGrijpmaEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
LisbethGrondahlAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2016
UlrichGrossSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
ZhongweiGuCanadian Biomaterials Society2004
RobertGuidoinCanadian Biomaterials Society1996
ThilakGunatillakeAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2008
HitoshiHamanakaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
Dong KeunHanKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
HoonHanKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
TakaoHanawaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
VasifHasirciEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
GarthHastingsEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
YoshiroHayashiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
KevinHealySociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
GuntherHeimkeSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
JorgeHeller*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
LarryHench*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
Seong JooHeoKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
AllanHoffmanSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
ThomasHorbettSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
RolfeHowlettAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering1996
Ging-HoHsiueChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2008
CanHuSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
NanHuangChinese Society for Biomaterials2008
LynnHuangChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2008
JeffreyHubbellSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
SamuelHulbert*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
John A.HuntEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
DietmarHutmacherAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2012
Suong-HyuHyonJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
AnitaIgnatiusEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
YoshitoIkadaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
KazuhikoIshiharaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
KunioIshikawaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
YoshihiroItoJapanese Society for Biomaterials2012
HirooIwataJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
JohnJansenEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
Seo-YoungJeongKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
DerekJonesCanadian Biomaterials Society1996
LynneJonesSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
AronJose Pazin de AndradeSLABO (Latin American Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs)2016
MarcelJozefonwiczEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
JacquelineJozefonwiczSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
Inn-KyuKangKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Inn-KyuKangKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
W. JohnKaoSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
BentKasemoEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
KazunoriKatoakaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
LawrenceKatz*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
HarunaKawaguchiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
HaruyukuKawaharaJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
MinnaKellomakiEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
AliKhademhosseiniSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
AkihikoKikuchiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
Young KonKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Dae-JoonKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
Suk WhaKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Kyo-hanKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
Un YoungKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2000
Young HaKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2000
Yong-HeeKimKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
SungwanKimSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
JamesKirkpatrickEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
AkioKishidaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
IvarsKnetsEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
JamesKoenemanSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
David H.KohnSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
JoachimKohnSociety For Biomaterials - USA2004
TadashiKokuboEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
W.J.Kolff*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
DelingKongChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
JindrichKopecekSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
YoungKuKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
MartineLabergeSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
RobertLangerSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
GaétanLarocheCanadian Biomaterials Society2012
CatoLaurencinSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
E.P.Lautenschlager*Society For Biomaterials - USA2000
MichaelLeeCanadian Biomaterials Society2000
CliveLeeEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
Doo SungLeeKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
Hai BangLeeKorean Society for Biomaterials2004
In-SeopLeeKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Seung JinLeeKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
R.I.LeiningerSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
JackLemonsSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
YangLengChinese Society for Biomaterials2008
SophieLerougeCanadian Biomaterials Society2016
RobertLevySociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
MalgorzataLewandowska-SzumielEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
Heng-DeLiChinese Society for Biomaterials2000
ShipuLiChinese Society for Biomaterials2012
Feng-HueiLinChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2012
Jui-CheLinChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2008
ChangshengLiuChinese Society for Biomaterials2012
WeiLiuChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
AndrewLloydEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
ShibiLuChinese Society for Biomaterials2004
LindaLucasSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
DonaldLymanSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
Peter X.MaSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
MizuoMaedaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
DiegoMantovaniCanadian Biomaterials Society2012
AtsushiMaruyamaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
EdithMathiowitzSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
TakehisaMatsudaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
Keith MMcLeanAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2016
AntonioMerolliEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
EdwardMerrillSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
Phillip B.MessersmithSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
AnneMeyerSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
VeroniqueMigonneyEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
AntoniosMikosSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
BruceMilthorpeAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2004
IshiMiuraJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
Prabhas V.MogheSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
YoshishigeMurataJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
AjitkumarNairSociety for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)2008
NobuoNakabayashiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
AkioNakajima*Japanese Society for Biomaterials1996
KatsuhikoNakamaeJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
AkitadaNakamuraJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
MasaakiNakamuraJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
TakashiNakamuraJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
TakayoshiNakanoJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
PaoloNettiEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
LuigiNicolaisEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
MitsuoNiinomiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2016
MarcelNimmiSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
YukihikoNoseSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
HajimeOhgushiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
ChikaraOhtsukiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2012
MasanoriOka*Japanese Society for Biomaterials2000
SeizoOkamura*Japanese Society for Biomaterials1996
TeruoOkanoJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
MasayukiOkazakiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2012
AbhayPanditEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
Ki DongParkKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Jung-KeugParkKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
KinamParkSociety For Biomaterials - USA2000
RussParsonsSociety For Biomaterials - USA2004
NicholasPeppasSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
WilliamPierceSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
BobPilliarSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
A.PizzoferratoEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
HeinrichPlanckEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
JosephPlanellEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
HannsPlenkSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
SolomonPollackSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
LauraPoole-WarrenAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2012
DavidPuleoSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
Dong-KyunRahKorean Society for Biomaterials2008
BertonRahn*European Society for Biomaterials1996
SeeramRamikrishnaSociety for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)2016
JohnRamshawAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2000
BuddyRatnerSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
William M.ReichertSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
Rui L.ReisEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
PeterRevellEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
John L.RicciSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
R. GeoffRichardsEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
CarlosRoberto GrandiniSLABO (Latin American Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs)2016
ShellySakiyama-ElbertSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
YutakaSakuradaJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
YasuhisaSakuraiJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
Joseph C.SalamoneSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
ThomasSalthouse*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
Juliosan RomanEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
PaulSanterreCanadian Biomaterials Society2004
TadashiSasadaJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
YoshikiSawaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
PhilipSawyer*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
EtienneSchachtEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
KlausSchindhelmAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2000
ChristineSchmidtSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
FrederickSchoenSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
MichaelSeftonSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
ChandraSharmaSociety for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)2008
Ming-ThauSheuChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2012
MollyShoichetCanadian Biomaterials Society2008
DennisSmithSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
PauletteSpencerSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
SamuelStuppSociety For Biomaterials - USA2004
KyungSunKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Hsing-WenSungChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2008
Yong KielSungKorean Society for Biomaterials2004
YasuhikoTabataJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
MaryamTabrizianCanadian Biomaterials Society2012
LipingTangSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
YoshiakiTaniJapanese Society for Biomaterials2000
ElizabethTannerEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
Maria CristinaTanziEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
TetsuyaTateishiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2004
PenttiTengvallEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
PeterThomsenEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
PerttiTormalaEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
PauloTranquilli-LealiEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
TeijiTsurutaJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
HasanUludagCanadian Biomaterials Society2008
T.M.Valega*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
MariaVallet-RegiEuropean Society for Biomaterials2012
ClemensVan BlitterswijkEuropean Society for Biomaterials2000
GeorgesVan der perreEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
MartandaVarma Sankaran ValiathanSociety for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (India)2012
MichelVertEuropean Society for Biomaterials1996
AndreasVon RecumSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
LeoVroman*Society For Biomaterials - USA1996
WilliamWagnerSociety For Biomaterials - USA2008
RizhiWangCanadian Biomaterials Society2016
YingJunWangChinese Society for Biomaterials2008
MinWangChinese Society for Biomaterials2012
ShenguoWangChinese Society for Biomaterials2004
Li-FangWangChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2016
Yung-JiinWangChinese Taipei Society for Biomaterials2012
ThomasWebsterSociety For Biomaterials - USA2016
TonyWeissAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2016
JeromeWerkmeisterAustralasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering2000
DavidWilliamsSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
GregoryWilsonCanadian Biomaterials Society2000
KimWoodhouseCanadian Biomaterials Society2008
TingfeiXiChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
ChenXiaofengChinese Society for Biomaterials2012
TakaoYamamuroJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
AkioYamanakaJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
TetsujiYamaokaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2012
KimihiroYamashitaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
MasayukiYamatoJapanese Society for Biomaterials2012
KeYangChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
IoannisYannasSociety For Biomaterials - USA1996
KangdeYao*Chinese Society for Biomaterials2004
Michael J.YaszemskiSociety For Biomaterials - USA2012
HeimoYlanenEuropean Society for Biomaterials2008
AnttiYli-UrpoEuropean Society for Biomaterials2004
TakeoYokoboriJapanese Society for Biomaterials1996
TakayukiYoneyamaJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
Taek-RimYoonKorean Society for Biomaterials2016
Yao-TingYuChinese Society for Biomaterials2000
NobuhikoYuiJapanese Society for Biomaterials2008
ShengminZhangChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
XingDongZhangChinese Society for Biomaterials2000
Xian-ZhengZhangChinese Society for Biomaterials2016
LianZhouChinese Society for Biomaterials2004
HesunZhuChinese Society for Biomaterials2004
Ren-XiZhuoChinese Society for Biomaterials2000
WalterZingg*Canadian Biomaterials Society1996