Changshen Liu

Affiliated Society: Chinese Society for Biomaterials
Country of Residence: P.R. China
Current Position: Vice President of ECUST


Prof. Changsheng Liu is a Distinguished Professor and Vice President in East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST). He also serves as the director of Engineering Research Center for Biomedical Materials of Ministry of Education. Dr. Liu received a Ph.D. Degree in Chemical Engineering from ECUST in 1996. He visited University of Pennsylvania, USA as a Visiting Professor in 2005. His research interest includes hard tissue repair biomaterials and nano-scaled biomedical materials. He has more than 200 refereed journal publications, 50 patents and invention disclosures, and 3 edited books. Because of excellent innovations and significant contributions, Dr. Liu has received lots of honors and awards, including Second-prize Winner of National Award for Science and Technology Progress in 2003, Winner of Outstanding Scientist in China in 2011, International Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering in 2012, Second-prize Winner of National Award for Natural Sciences in 2014, etc. Dr. Liu also offered the editorial responsibilities for the many journals including Biomaterials Research, Journal of Orthopaedic Translation, Journal of Inorganic Materials, Biomatter, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering. Besides a highly gifted chemist, Dr. Liu is a successful entrepreneur. He has commercialized a series of medical products and worked as the co-founder of three Biotech companies including Shanghai Rebone Biomaterials Co., Mainuoshi Medical and Shanghai Wego Biotechnology. More importantly, with the leadership of Dr. Liu over the past 18 years, Rebone has developed into a high-tech company and established an track record of accomplishments, including three registered trademarks, 6 calcium phosphate cement (CC)-based products, 1 bio-engineered growth factor product, and 23-million total sales income. Up to now, various CPC-based products by Rebone have been on sale in 30 provinces of China and used in more than 500 hospitals. The high valued CPC products developed by Dr. Liu and coworkers have received the excellent reputation from the international counterparts as the frontier of bone repairing technology and brought great economic benefits.

Areas of research interest:
With the knowledge background of Biology and Chemical Engineering, Dr. Liu has devoted for decades into the interdisciplinary research of hard tissue biomaterials based on calcium phosphate cement, nanometer biomedical materials, and bioactive bone repair materials. Using the theories and methods of chemical engineering, Dr. Liu’s group has studied the preparation mechanism and engineering scaling-up principles of some kinds of ultrafine calcium phosphates, and built the hydrating and hardening mechanism of calcium phosphate cement. After that, he devoted to promoting CPC commercialization and passed the SFDA approval in 2000 to push the CPC into marketplace.

To address the poor osteogenetic capacity and the prolonged regeneration time, recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) has been successfully prepared by using genetic engineering technology and further introduced into the above-mentioned CPCs to obtain the novel CPC/rhBMP-2. Up to now, various CPC-based products have been on sale in 30 provinces of China and used in more than 500 hospitals. The total cases have surpassed 240,000 and the longest time for clinical follow-up observation has reached 13 years. The satisfactory treatments and the excellent clinic feedback have exemplified the superior performance of CPCs and the significance of his research. Beside CPC-based products, Dr. Liu has also developed tissue holders and mesoporous silica-based hemostatic xerogel, and successfully transferred to Changzhou Sanlian Xinghai Medical Equipment and Shanghai Mainuoshi Medical, respectively.

Research keywords:
Biomaterials and Medical Products Commercialization,Orthopaedic Biomaterials,Cell/Organ Therapies