Gaétan Laroche

Affiliated Society: Canadian Biomaterials Society
Country of Residence: Canada
Current Position: Professor


Professor Laroche’s research interests mainly focus on the development of surface engineering strategies to improve the biocompatibility of synthetic materials. Over the years, Professor Laroche built up a solid international reputation in the field of surface engineering for biomedical applications. He co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications, more than 250 lectures in national and international conferences, and six patents. He has been recently nominated as Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering for lifetime career achievements. He also leads a major Canadian graduate training program ( that groups together five universities from coast-to-coast.

Areas of research interest:
I established a research program based on the hypothesisthat surface modification of materials could be used to improve their biocompatibility. This has required the development of various technologies in fields such as plasma chemistry and physics, materials and surface characterization, pharmacology, cell biology, etc. Most of my early research initiatives thus began at the fundamental level to gradually progress toward advanced technology transfers to industry. Accordingly, my research mainly focuses on surface engineering strategies to improve the biocompatibility of vascular and orthopaedic biomaterials.

Research keywords:
Surface Characterization and Modification