Pictured left to right: Joachim Kohn, Hasan Uludag, Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert, Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez, and Ali Khademhosseini


The Fellows Session hosted this year at SFB 2019 was an outstanding success! The approximately 150+ attendees enjoyed listening to and engaging the speakers who debated on the topic “In-Situ Approaches for Tissue Creation are Better than ex-vivo Approaches.”

Thank you to the speakers and attendees for making this such an engaging event! The winner of the debate were Shelly and Ali, who were in favor of In-Situ, causing a 4% change in votes between the  initial and final vote.

The “Special Fellows Session” is organized by the International College of Fellows of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (ICF-BSE). Fellows of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (FBSE) are elected in a worldwide competition every four years and are among the most accomplished in the field of biomaterials. Special Fellows Sessions explore important and sometimes controversial topics and are designed to be interactive: the audience will have an opportunity to participate in the debate and will vote on the issues.

This year a group of four fellows presented major challenges and opportunities for investment in biomaterial science that will fundamentally change health care. Each of the opportunities were carefully evaluated prior to being selected for presentation. After all presentations have been completed, the audience acted as investors and voted on which of the opportunities they would invest in.

Moderator and Chair:

Joachim Kohn, PhD, FBSE


In favor of In-Situ: Ali Kademhosseini, PhD, Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert, PhD

In favor of Ex-Vivo: Hasan Uludag, PhD and Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez, PhD