Ki Dong Park

Affiliated Society: Korean Society for Biomaterials
Country of Residence: Korea
Current Position: Professor



Dr. Park obtained his Ph.D in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Utah, USA in 1990.  After a postdoctoral training at CCCD in Utah,  he worked as a principle research scientist at Korea Institute of Science and Technology from 1991 to 2000.  He joined the faculty in the Department of Molecular Science and Technology/Applied Chemistry and Biological Eng at Ajou University in 2000.  He has been working on many national committees (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and National Research Foundation of Korea) as a chair or member.  He has also served as a board member of many biomedical and pharmaceutical societies, and was the president of the Korean Biomaterials Society in 2013.  He is an editorial board member (JBMR;A) and editor in Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers.

He has authored over 250 scientific publications, possessed over 60 patents, and joined many book chapters.  He also received many awards for his contributions to the biomaterial societies and scientific achievements.  His research interests are wide ranging from implants, controlled drug delivery, tissue engineering to regenerative medicine, biomimetic surface modification.

Areas of research interest:

Biocopmpatible Polymers, Blood compatible Polymers, Cell compatible Polymers, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Polymeric Drug Delivery System, Artificial Organs and Medical Devices, Biomaterials-Living System Interaction, Surface modification of biomaterials,  Injectable Biomaterials,  Anticalcification treatment,Antiinfective Materials

Research keywords:

Biomaterials and Medical Products Commercialization, Cardiovascular Biomaterials, Cell/Organ Therapies, Dental/Craniofacial Materials, Drug Delivery, Engineering Cells and Their Microenvironments