Guy Daculsi

Affiliated Society: European Society for Biomaterials
Country of Residence: France
Current Position: Emeritus Research Director at INSERM, National Institute for Medical Research and Health



Guy Daculsi

INSERM Research Director DRE

George Winter Award 2014, ESB European Society for Biomaterials

Racquel LeGeros award 2013 ISCM

FBSE, Fellow Biomaterials Science and Engineering

ISCM General secretary, International Society for Ceramic in Medicine

Chief Editor Bioceramics Development and Applications

LIOAD Inserm Université de Nantes UMR U791

Faculté de Chirurgie Dentaire
Biologist and chemist, Guy Daculsi created in 1990 the Biomaterials and Calcified Tissue Research center calcified tissues of the University of Nantes and INSERM, based in the Faculty of Dental Surgery.

Specialized on the mineralization process and the bone substitute biomaterials (Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics mainly), Guy Daculsi was the designer of several types of Bioceramics, for bone regeneration in Orthopedic and Dental Maxillofacial.

Pioneer for osteoinductive and osteogenic bioceramics, he participated in several European and International  research programs on new tissue engineering technologies, bone regenerative medicine, and template for release of bioactive agents.

In collaboration with industry biomaterials, this work has led to many patents and marketing of several implantable medical devices.

Areas of research interest:
Bioceramics, Calcified Tissues, conception, physico-chemical and biological considerations. Preclinical and clinical studies on Calcium phosphate Bone substitutes. Smart Bioceramic scaffolds with intrinsec osteogenic/osteoinductive properties for bone regeneration. Combined medical devices of bioactive CaP bioceramics (bulk, granules, putties) with Bone marrow, MSC, expanded MSC, Growth factors, osteogenic peptides, for bone regeneration technologies Industrial collaboration for bone regeneration applications Prosthesis for Osteo-articular surgery, Maxillofacial, Odontology, ENT,…