Brian Amsden

Affiliated Society: Canadian Biomaterials Society
Country of Residence: Canada
Current Position: Professor


Brian Amsden obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University in 1996, in the area of therapeutic protein delivery from hydrogels and polymer microspheres. He worked for Angiotech Pharmaceuticals in Vancouver from 1996-97 as a Research Associate, leading projects involving the formulation of paclitaxel for localized delivery to treat post-operative adhesions and psoriasis, and participating in projects developing degradable microsphere and micellar formulations of paclitaxel for intra-articular delivery and systemic delivery, respectively. He left Angiotech to join the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Alberta and is currently a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University where he has been since July 2000. He is a principal investigator and the Director of the NSERC CREATE Program in Soft Connective Tissue Regeneration and Therapy as well as the Donald and Joan McGeachy Chair in Biomedical Engineering.

Areas of research interest:
Current research interests include the development of biodegradable elastomers, hydrogels, and low viscosity hydrophobic polymers for the local delivery of small molecules, peptides and proteins, and stem cells, and as scaffolds for soft and connective tissue regeneration.

Research keywords:
Polymers,Protein and Cells at Interfaces,Tissue Engineering,Drug Delivery