SFB 2015 Fellows Session – Is translational research more impactful than basic research?

The very popular Fellows Debate Session was held at the 2015 Society for Biomaterials meeting in Charlotte, NC. This year the topic was "Is translational research more impactful than basic research?" Two very strong teams debated this topic, but in the end the Basic Research team won. For Translational Research: David Grainger, John Kao, Michael [...]

2014 ESB Fellows Session – The Race between Engineering and Biology in Replacing Human Tissues

The Fellows' Session was held on Sunday August 31, 2014 from 1:30 - 4:45 PM Speakers: Barbara Boyan, Rui Reis, Abhay Pandit, M. Cristina Tanzi, John Kao, and David Williams Moderator: Joachim Kohn This topic focused on  the future scaffolds needed to replace human tissues. We defined the "Engineering Approach" as starting from a synthetic [...]

2012 Fellows Session – Can we regrow a human arm?

This session held at the 9th WBC in Chengdu, China This was a 3 hour long coordinated program of selected talks with audience participation. Six Fellows of Biomaterials Science and Engineering presented scientific arguments for or against the idea that it will be possible to regrow a complete human arm within the next 20 years. The [...]

2008 Fellows Session – Utility of animal experimentation as a predictive tool for the success or failure of a medical implant in humans

At the 8th World Biomaterials Congress, in Amsterdam, a new type of session was introduced. A special fellows session featured Fellows debating a controversial topic in biomaterials, which encouraged audience participation and engaging talks. It was agreed that this session was a great success and should be replicated at future WBC meetings and meetings of [...]